Get started with Quick Check

Access your accounts and perform transactions on your phone whenever you like! First, we’ll need to enroll you in this service; visit a branch or check this option on your Membership Application.

After you’ve been enrolled, call 855-597-5766 and select Option 1; wait for each prompt.

  • Enter your member number, followed by the # sign.
  • To set up your Personal Identification Number (PIN), first enter your complete Social Security Number, then #.
  • To select a new PIN, choose and input a four-digit number (not starting with 0), then #.
  • Enter dollar amounts without the decimal, for example, enter $50.70 as 5070.

Using Quick Check telephone teller

Call 855-597-5766 and select Option 1:

    • Enter your Member Number & #
    • Enter your Quick Check PIN & #
    • Select an option from the Main Menu:
          • Press 1 for share accounts (savings & checking)
          • Press 2 for loan information
          • Press 3 to transfer funds
          • Press 4 to hear last year’s dividend and interest totals
          • Press 5 to request a check to be mailed to your home address
          • Press 6 to search for a cleared check number
    • Press 8 for more options
    • Press 9 to end the call

    Five transactions or inquiries are allowed per call. If you need additional assistance or need a PIN reset, call 855-597-5766, option 3 or 5.

    Access your accounts anytime with our telephone teller. Or, if you have a smartphone and use CU Online, try our Mobile Banking app!

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