Stop by a credit union branch

Some discounts and services are not available online or by phone. Please visit a branch office for these banking services.

Money orders

No checks? For a small fee, money orders can be issued for up to $1,000 at a credit union office. Money orders can be funded from your Share Savings, or Checking account, or purchased with cash.

Postage stamps

Save yourself a trip to the Post Office—we sell “Forever” stamps in all of our branch offices.

Visa Gift Cards

Use Visa® Gift Cards just about anywhere, not only at a particular store or restaurant. They’re perfect for birthdays, graduations, weddings, thank-you gifts or any occasion. There’s a purchase fee for gift cards.*

Wire transfers

We can transfer funds directly from your Five Star FCU account to accounts at other financial institutions or vice versa. When you ask another financial institution to transfer money to your Five Star FCU account, contact us for detailed wiring instructions. There is a fee to have funds wired to or from your Five Star FCU account. (You may be also charged a fee by the other financial institution.)

* Available at our Saint Agnes Hospital and Maiden Choice branch offices.

For additional banking services, come to a Five Star branch.

Visit a branch