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For general inquiries, send a message via our online contact form. For security reasons, please do not e-mail personal financial information, especially Member Numbers, credit card or debit card numbers, or Social Security Numbers. For account-specific inquiries, please send us a message via CU Online or our Mobile Banking app.

Call 855-597-5766

If you can’t call a branch during office hours, call 855-597-5766 and select option 2 to leave a message for one of our branch offices. Please include your name, Member Number and a daytime phone number where we can reach you.

Visit a branch office

We have three branch offices in the Baltimore area, with free parking. Our Saint Agnes Hospital office is located on Caton Avenue between 1-95 and Wilkens Avenue, and our Maiden Choice Lane office is near the Wilkens Avenue 695/Beltway exit. Our Grace/Curtis Bay office is on the secure W. R. Grace & Company campus at 5500 Chemical Road. For our branch office hours, visit our locations page. All branches have secure drop boxes for after hours check deposits and loan payments (no cash, please).

Send a fax

Saint Agnes Hospital office: 667-234-3584
Maiden Choice Lane office: 410-869-8293

Send us mail

If you wish to mail us a letter, a form or a check for a deposit or loan payment, please send it to:

Five Star Federal Credit Union
716 Maiden Choice Lane, Suite 101
Baltimore, MD 21228

Lost or Stolen Card?

Credit Cards

If your Platinum Rewards credit card is lost or stolen, please call 855-695-1666 as soon as you know your card is lost; this number can be reached 24/7. Or call 855-695-1666 to let us know if you’re traveling outside the country or to report fraudulent activity.

ATM Cards or Debit Cards

For 24/7 service including reporting lost/stolen ATM Cards and Check Cards (debit cards), call 866-557-5413 as soon as possible. To order a new card, please call the credit union at 855-597-5766. To activate your new card, call 866-985-2273 from your primary phone number or make an ATM withdrawal or balance inquiry.

Updates for your contact information

If you’ve moved, changed your work, home or cell number, married or divorced and changed your name or have a new e-mail address, please let us know. Call a branch at 855-597-5766, write us a letter (with your signature) or mail or fax our Change of Information form with your signature. For changes in marital status, please provide a copy of your marriage certificate or post-divorce name change.

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