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Schedule of Fees

Savings Account Fees  
Christmas and Planners Club Early Withdrawal Ten percent (10%) of balance if withdrawn early
Savings Certificate Early Withdrawal Penalty is equivalent to 90 days of dividends for all terms
Dormant Accounts $5 monthly, for Share Savings accounts with no activity for three (3) years.
Share Draft (Checking) Account Fees  
Overdraft and Non-Sufficient Funds: paid or returned including Bill Pay payments $33 per item
Stop Payment (including Bill Pay payments) $15 per request
Share Draft Check Printing Prices will vary based on check style.
Share Draft Account Monthly Service Charge $2 per month; waived for members with Direct Deposit or who maintain a minimum checking balance of $500
Share Draft Account Transfer $3 per item
Share Draft Account Interim Transaction History $3 per request
Share Draft Account Reconciliation $25 per request
Counter Check from Share Draft $2 per check
Copy of Cleared Share Draft (check) $4 per item
Other Service Fees (all accounts)  
Statement Copy $5 per copy
Deposited Item Return $30 per item
Outgoing Wire Transfer (domestic) $25 per transfer
Outgoing Wire Transfer (international) $50 per transfer
Incoming Wire Transfer Processing $10 per item
Money Order $1.50 per item (member price); money orders are only available for members
Copy of Paid Item $4 per item
Phone Loan Payment Fee (from non-SAFCU accounts); Check by Phone $10 per item
Foreign Currency Request $20 per transaction (buying or returning)
Stop Payment on Counter Check $15 per item
Visa Gift Cards $5 fee per gift card, plus card amount
Escheatment Processing $10 for balances under $50
$20 for balances of $50 or more
Returned Statement Processing $5 per returned statement
Electronic Funds Transfer Fees  
Five Star Federal Credit Union or Allpoint Network ATM Transactions No transaction fees for Five Star savings or checking withdrawals and balance inquiries. (Fees will apply for cash advances from credit cards.)
Non-Five Star or Non-Allpoint ATMs $2.00 per withdrawal transaction
$.50 per inquiry
Point of Sale PIN Transaction
(debit option)
FREE; no POS fee
ATM Card $5 per request
Check Card (debit card); requires checking account First card FREE
Replacement ATM / Visa Check Card $5 per request
Replacement ATM / Visa Check Card PIN FREE
Bill Payment Fees  
Stop Payment (other fees as listed above) $15

Information effective 1/1/18 and subject to change without notice.