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Personnel Directory

Board of Directors
The Directors of our credit union serve without pay. These dedicated volunteers bring decades of personal and professional experience to their deliberations when establishing the policies of the credit union -- experience that is beyond monetary price. This is also true of the members who serve on our committees which establish credit policies, and other important facets of the credit union's operation.

Officers and Board members
Paul Coakley, Chairperson
Dottie Horsmon, Vice Chairperson
Margaret Burdette, Treasurer
Marleen Griffin, Secretary
Drannin Rose, Security Officer
Karen McLaughlin, Membership Officer
Beverly Kingsland
Carolyn Moore
Joan Tisdale

Management & Staff
James M. Whipp, President/CEO
Toni Downey, Vice President
Bill Rayman, Vice President
Christine Armiger
Marleen Griffin
Lisa Herring
Debbie Imhoff
Kelly Jones
Tricia McCloskey
Anita McCurley
Dee Oden
Sharon Poe
Patti Sands
Holly Teal
Michelle Wirsching