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Direct Deposit & Payroll Deduction

Direct Deposit

With Direct Deposit, your entire check goes into your account and you begin earning dividends immediately. Direct Deposit will save you time and keep your money safe, and you won’t have to stand in line to deposit your check! We accept Direct Deposit of all payrolls, including Social Security, Civil Service and military retirement benefits. To sign up for Direct Deposit, provide your payroll department with Five Star Federal Credit Union's Routing and Transit number —252076727 — and your Member Number.

If you work for Saint Agnes Hospital, you'll set up Direct Deposit yourself in the hospital employee portal as noted during Orientation. After enrollment, your Direct Deposit funds will be deposited each pay into your credit union Share Draft/Checking account (or Share Savings if you don't have Checking). It may take up to two pay periods for Direct Deposit to take effect.

Payroll Deduction

Payroll deduction is still available for members who don't work for Saint Agnes Hospital (like family members or staff in Select Employee Groups); please contact us for a payroll deduction form.

However, payroll deduction has been discontinued for all hospital employees. If you are paid by Saint Agnes Hospital/Ascension Healthcare, here's how you can allocate deposits and payments previously set up though payroll deductions (such as loan payments or Christmas Club and Planners Club contributions):

1. Set up the total amount you wish to have directly deposited into your Share Draft/Checking account (or Share Savings if you don’t have Checking) as one lump sum each payday. You will designate this dollar amount in the Symphony payroll system, entering Five Star Credit Union's Routing Number 252076727 and your checking account number, or Member Number if you don't have Checking.

2. Visit or call the credit union (855-597-5766) to tell us which automated loan payments or account deposits to set up; we have established systems to split your lump sum Direct Deposit amount into your designated deductions.

3. If you wish to make changes to specific amounts later, contact your credit union branch directly.

Please call our toll-free number, 855-597-5766, or visit a branch if you have any questions about your savings deposits or loan payments.