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ATM and security tips

Due to increased ATM fraud, we are limiting the daily cash withdrawal limit to $250 per day, effective until further notice.

To protect your PIN from fraudsters, PIN transactions for Check Cards (debit cards) have been blocked from fuel pumps when you choose "debit." Select "credit" instead to make your fuel purchases.

ATM skimming devices are extra card readers attached to ATMs/cash dispensers, gasoline pumps or restaurant card readers. Recently, these skimming devices have flooded the area, allowing criminals to capture information and create counterfeit cards, so they can make fraudulent withdrawals from members' accounts.

To protect your accounts, here's what you can do:

  • Look for skimming devices on ATMs. If you see something suspicious, don't use that machine.
  • Be sure to use one hand to cover the hands at ATMother hand entering the PIN. This could prevent the hidden cameras on skimming devices from recording your PIN.
  • For Check Card (debit card) ATM withdrawals, select "credit," not "debit," so you don't enter a PIN. (You'll need to do this for fuel pump purchases.)
  • Use ATMs in large, busy stores instead of small convenience stores or poorly-lit gasoline pumps.
  • Check your accounts online frequently to make sure all the transactions are yours. If not, please contact our 24-hour ATM/Check Card fraud line right away: 800-554-8969
  • Never write your PIN on or near your card, or keep it in your wallet or purse. Don't tell or give your PIN to anyone.
  • If you receive a phone call or text asking your for your PIN, don't respond. The credit union will never ask you for your PIN.